**Unfortunately due to current restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, this service has been temporarily stopped.**

It is our aim to enable you to remain as well as possible and in the place of your choice.

Our Wellbeing Day provides support and care to help manage symptoms, gain confidence at home and help maximise your quality of life.

Many people value the support of meeting with others in a similar situation, and your family can feel confident knowing that you are in a safe and caring environment.

When and what time will I attend?

Due to coronavirus we have a reduced service starting from September.

We are able to invite eight patients to attend one day per week for a period of eight weeks. Times of your visit will be confirmed with you by telephone – we are staggering our arrival and leaving times to allow for safe social distancing.

We currently accept patients at 10am or 10.30am, home time will be either 2.30pm or 3pm.

What will happen whilst I am there?

Patients will spend their day in either our Wellbeing Lounge or our Sandbach Suite, with a maximum of four patients in each room. Wipe clean chairs are spaced out to allow for social distancing. The room is large and well ventilated for your safety and comfort. There are hand gels within reach and boxes of tissues for your use during your visit.

Nursing staff will be allocated to each room providing any support and care needs you may have during your visit. All staff will be wearing masks, gloves and aprons.

Our team of nurses will spend time listening to your concerns and then offer appropriate support and advice; such as helping with symptom management, understanding medications, having difficult discussions about end of life preferences or advanced care planning.

The nurse can liaise with other services on your behalf, or refer you to other appropriate services as required to ensure you are receiving the best possible care at the Hospice and in your own home. These other services may involve our occupational therapist, social worker, benefits advisor, Family Support and Counselling team, and our Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy team.

We have a team of skilled complementary therapists who are currently offering non touch therapies such as reiki. They are also investing their skills more in the therapeutic use of the voice to provide guided relaxation techniques, anxiety management, breath work to help calm the body and mind, self-soothing techniques and coping skills advice. Our therapists will be updating our complementary therapy services as and when we are able to following government guidelines, to safely offer an increased service.

What about my family?

We know how much your loved ones mean to you so we are able to offer support for them with our carers services, such as counselling, spiritual care and nurse led telephone support.

Nurses will also contact your relative (if you wish) at the end of your Wellbeing Day to discuss how you have been and what support has been offered.

How will I get there?

We are currently not able to provide transport. Your relative or friend will be able to park close to the Day Hospice entrance and drop you at the doors where staff will be waiting to greet you and assist with sanitising your hands and signing in on arrival.

When will I be discharged?

All patients will have a planned discharge that is discussed with you and your family whilst attending. Attendance at the Wellbeing Day is for eight visits.

On discharge, you will be offered regular telephone contact from our Telephone Care Service. This will mean that a qualified nurse will ring you at home to offer ongoing support and monitor how you are.

For your safety

On arrival to the Wellbeing Day you will be greeted by a member of staff who will assist you to use the hand sanitisers, offer you a face mask to wear and show you where to sign in.

All patients will need to wear masks/face coverings for their visit to the Wellbeing Day unless you are exempt due to your health.

All staff will be wearing masks, gloves and aprons.

All furniture is wiped down after each use.