As a volunteer Befriender you will provide companionship to a person (client) who has a palliative condition. The Befriending relationship provides the client with additional social support by developing an emotionally supportive relationship, helping the client to feel less isolated and more connected to their community. Befriending complements social and domestic support but does not replace it. Befrienders do not provide personal care, Befrienders offer friendship.

The benefits of offering this service

  • It reduces isolation and offers human contact to people who have a palliative or life-shortening condition
  • It provides them with a link to the community they live in
  • The friendship offers emotional and practical support to the person living in isolation
  • The service supports both the carers and the family by giving them a break
  • We have also found it is a wonderful way to make new memories for everyone involved

Becoming a volunteer Befriender offers you some wonderful benefits too:

  • You gain a new friend
  • You may learn a lot from the person you visit which in turn will enrich your life
  • Becoming part of someone else’s life can bring new meaning to yours
  • Seeing the difference your visits make can bring great reward

Could you be a Befriender?

To be a Befriender you must be aged over 18 years. Please click here for a little taste of what a Volunteer Befriender’s role looks like.
For more information on how to become a Befriender please contact our Befriending Co-ordinator, Catherine Holligan on 07496 073430/01606 555687.