Each week we have the fabulous job of calling the lucky person who has won the £1,500 jackpot! It’s one of the highlights of the week when we hear how excited people are, and we just know that this win will make a difference to them.

“When I won £1,500 in St Luke’s Lottery I was stunned! It had been a difficult few months and we couldn’t even afford to celebrate our wedding anniversary, it made such a big difference to us both.” – winner from Northwich

“I couldn’t believe it when I answered the phone, things like this just don’t happen to me!” – winner from Crewe

“I won the £1,500 jackpot about 5 years ago which was a lovely surprise just before Christmas, but I have never played expecting to win! St Luke’s you do such an amazing job and supported my Mum when she needed it, thank you.” – winner from Crewe