A stay with us helped Janet with her symptoms

‭P‭erhaps one of the main things ‭St Luke’s is known for is the care ‭we provide on our ward; since we ‭opened many years ago we have cared for ‭people around the clock when their illness ‭has begun to take control. However, a stay ‭on our ward is not always the end.

‭Just before Christmas we cared for a ‭lady called Janet; being independent ‭she was passionate about caring for herself, and managing on her own ‭without relying on her daughter too ‭much. But when she reached crisis point ‭in November, we were able to help.

‭Symptom control is one of the many ‭ways we can support people at the ‭Hospice. When Janet came to us she was ‭unstable, not eating properly, she was ‭exhausted and her cancer was beginning ‭to take a real hold. So when her ‭daughter contacted the Hospice, neither ‭expected what happened next.

Old woman gets help with walking from a nurse.‭“When I came round and realised I was ‭in the Hospice I was shocked, I don’t ‭really remember how I had got to that ‭stage. But over the past three weeks I ‭have improved every day; the nurses ‭have ensured I am eating well and they ‭have given me the rest I needed.

They ‭have helped my daughter set up a care ‭plan for me, so when I go home this ‭week there are things in place to make ‭sure I am looked after, and now I am ‭feeling better I have the motivation to ‭look after myself. I don’t think people ‭realise what hospices do. It’s not all ‭about death; I am going home in a ‭much better condition than when I ‭came in. I am so thankful to everyone ‭at St Luke’s for helping me to get back ‭on my feet.”