“Give a little, care a lot”

Since 1994 our Lottery has grown to become St Luke’s biggest single source of income and has raised more than £11 million
– the equivalent of ONE WEEK of care on our Inpatient Unit EVERY MONTH.

And, to top it off, it still costs JUST £1 a week to play – the same cost as when it was set up in 1994!

From every £1 lottery entry sold, 67p goes directly to St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice, 10p goes towards lottery prizes and 23p is spent on lottery administration. (These figures are based on income and expenditure for April 2022.)

Weekly rollover

The draw offers players the chance to win 35 prizes each week, including a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot and a £200 rollover.  If the rollover prize is not won it will rollover and accumulate each week – it could be won at any time but if it gets up to £5,000 there will be a guaranteed winner! In November last year 93-year-old Ena from Winsford won £4,400 with our rollover draw. Click here to read about her big win!

You can sign up online and you will pay a weekly £1 Lottery membership subscription to automatically enter you into our Draw each Friday.

All existing Lottery players will automatically be entered into the rollover draw.

Every penny we raise in profit from the Lottery supports local people who are cared for by St Luke’s, so you’ll be supporting your local Hospice whilst having a great chance to win big cash prizes every week – it’s a win-win!



The likelihood of winning a prize

All entrants in the draw have an equal chance of winning a prize. There are 35 guaranteed prizes available every week.

For enquiries or to sign up over the phone, call our team on 01606 553553 or email, or you can play online now!