The chances are, you know someone who needs hospice care

Perhaps they are living with a terminal illness, and need help to live as well and as normally as they can. Or perhaps they don’t have much time left, and need help to go home from hospital to die in the place they want with the people they most wish to have with them.

At St Luke’s our services are offered completely free of charge because we believe that end of life care and support through illness should be a right, not a privilege. So our nurses passionately care for their patients; making a difference to their lives and enabling them to live, rather than just exist.

You can sponsor a St Luke’s nurse with a regular donation of £2 a month or whatever you can afford, helping us care today, tomorrow and into the future.

We provide physical, emotional and social support to more than 1,000 people every year, people like Rebecca and her Mum

“The care my Mum received was above and beyond anything I could have ever wished for. I can’t thank the staff enough for their kindness, understanding and care that they all provide 24/7. Just observing and hearing how staff speak to different patients is just the loveliest thing; I  witnessed nothing but kindness and understanding. St Luke’s has given me such relief knowing my Mum was in a safe environment during such a difficult time.”

St Luke’s is funded by donations, so a monthly donation of £2 or whatever you can afford will make a difference.

Please support us today so our nurses can be here for more people like Rebecca and her Mum.