Downloadable resources

You may find it helpful to download some of these resources to help you promote your Open Garden. To use, click the link to download and save the editable PDF documents to your computer. You can then print it out and personalise it with details of your event.

  • Invitations – these may be useful if you are holding a private event for family and friends
  • Open Garden Here poster – you may find this useful to place outside your garden or in a front window to promote your event in advance
  • Location poster – you may find this useful to fill in and ask people to put up in other locations to promote your event in advance. You could ask in your local shop, community centre, church, in a friend’s window…
  • Promotional poster – this has a big space to write in other details or you could use it on the day to say ‘Open Garden here today!’

Tips for promoting your Open Garden

  • We encourage you to make contact with your local press and magazines to help promote your event. It may even be a good idea to use your own social media, such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook to help spread the word. If you need any help with this please call us on 01606 555697
  • Display posters in your community at least a month in advance, perhaps ask your local shop, community centre and friends to display one in their window
  • You can download a poster here – we’ve made it so you can type in all the details and print it out
  • You can also download this version to put in the window of the actual Open Garden location
  • You may also like to create one to say ‘Open Garden here today’ to display on the morning of your event and add some directional arrows

Ways to raise more money

  • Charge an entry fee
  • Sell plants, seeds, garden produce or homemade crafts
  • Provide tea and cake for a donation – maybe even combine your Open Garden with a Bake a Difference event!
  • Set up a craft table for people to make garden mosaics, paint a tealight holder, plant some seeds and more
  • Organise a raffle on the day

Everything you raise goes towards helping us continue to support local people living with an incurable illness and their loved ones. We cannot do what we do without your support, thank you so much.