Complementary Therapies

These can be used safely alongside other treatments and have a variety of physical and emotional health benefits, our range of therapies are detailed below:

Aromatherapy. Fragrant essential oils are used in a massage which reduces tension and emotional stress. Benefits include relief from nausea, skin irritations and headaches.

Art Programme. These group sessions allow participants to express themselves through art, exploring their emotions and providing focus. Art can be a valuable form of treatment, offering psychological, emotional and physical benefits.

Body Image. A workshop for women which builds confidence and self-esteem, as well as encouraging calmness and relaxation.

Fitstart. Mixed group sessions held at Winsford Lifestyle Centre which allow participants to set realistic fitness goals and work towards them, improving strength and muscle tone and reducing fatigue.

Hypnotherapy. This treatment places the individual in a deeply relaxed state where imagination, rather than intellect, is activated. Through positive thinking and visualisation, anxiety can be reduced and replaced by a sense of empowerment.

Nail Care. We offer this treatment to reduce the risk of infection for damaged nails and nails affected by chemotherapy or neuropathy.

Reflexology. The nerve endings in feet are gently massaged to enable relaxation, ease tension and improve circulation.

Reiki. The practitioner’s hands channel energy and transfer it to the patient through the ‘laying on of hands’. This provides deep relaxation and other potential benefits of pain management and comfort.

Relaxation Plus Programme. Offered following attendance at a course of complementary therapies, this six week programme teaches relaxation and coping skills, such as self-massage and breathing techniques, that can be used at any time.

Spiritual, personal and emotional support

Counselling. Our Family Support and Counselling Team provides tailor made counselling, helping patients or family members to come terms with the emotional and physical effects of being diagnosed with a life limiting illness. For more information please click here.

Oral History Project. This is opportunity to place memories on record, as a living history of unique life experiences. Many people find telling their life story interesting and like having a copy of their interview to keep and share with members of their family.

Psychosexual Clinic. Psychosexual therapists work with patients to look at the medical and psychological causes of their sexual problems. Treatments will be tailor made to agreed goals and may include medical options and therapy.

Spiritual Care. Our multi faith chaplaincy team can provide spiritual support to those of any or no faith, offering a safe space for discussion and expression of thoughts and feelings. Communion is offered at services in the chapel and can be arranged on a one to one basis or via home visits. For more information please click here.

Social Work and Benefits Advice. Our social work team provides up to date information to help with social, financial and personal issues, providing practical solutions to everyday difficulties.

Lymphoedema Clinic

Lymphoedema Clinic. Aims to prevent complications and reduce swelling using a range of physical treatments and care such as skincare advice, specialist compression hosiery and lymph drainage techniques.