The last six months have brought about many challenges for us all, however one of the most difficult things we have all had to endure is the lack of physical contact with our loved ones. Even Prince Charles shared in his interview with Sky News that whilst he had been making video calls to loved ones it was no substitute, “you really just want to give people a hug” he said.

Nothing replaces our human power of touch and connection with each other, here at St Luke’s we are a ‘huggy’ bunch and we really miss being able to give a comforting cuddle to our patients, families and our colleagues.

Every day we see the benefit of a simple touch, a reassuring squeeze of a hand and we have all heard about the “laying on of hands”—the supposed healing power of touch.

There’s no magical healing force in the human touch, but it actually can be comforting and soothing, and put us in a more positive state when we are feeling poorly or in physical or psychological pain.  So we wanted to send you this ‘virtual’ hug from us all at St Luke’s and also a little list of self-care activities as we have been thinking of you during this time.

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious is a natural response to everything that has been happening, and self-care and mindfulness are just two ways to look after your mental and physical health.

Just 5 minutes of simply focusing on your breathing and doing something for yourself each day can make the world of difference and help your coping mechanisms.

We have put together a self-guided video with the help of Andrew in our Spiritual Care team. It is a 5 minute break out of your day, which we hope you will enjoy.

Take care of yourselves, you are so important to us.