Seventy-year-old Meleny Benyon says coming to St Luke’s “literally saved my life”.

Mel from Northwich spent one week in our Inpatient Unit for symptom management and emotional support following a diagnosis of secondary cancer. She had been treated for breast cancer the previous year and was devastated to learn it had spread to her spine and bones.

She said: “I literally got in the bed and breathed a sigh of relief. I said to my kids ‘I just feel safe now. Somebody’s saved me!’ Because if I hadn’t come here, I don’t think I would have made it.

“The nurses don’t judge you, they just love you, they envelop you and they just make you feel like a worthy person. They are just so full of love. They gave me my fight back!”

For the next 13 weeks Mel was supported by a weekly visit to Day Hospice where nurses continued to support her with symptom management during her chemotherapy treatment. They also helped to build her confidence and monitored her emotional wellbeing as she adjusted to her illness. She has since accessed our counselling service and still meets with her counsellor on a regular basis. “My counsellor talks me through every little problem and she has given me so much confidence. She’s been wonderful. We talk about everything and she just gives me the will to go on.”

Mel has great support from her family and friends and is planning lots of days out and trips. She added: “Over the last three years when I think of what I’ve come through, where I’ve been and how people have helped me, I feel so, so lucky. I really do.”