Lorna Tulloch’s Dad Keith passed away on our Inpatient Unit following a diagnosis of Rectal Cancer.

Lorna said: “I will be forever in debt to the nurses for helping us during his final days. I don’t think you realise just how amazing and vital St Luke’s is until you need their help. Dad was adamant that he wanted to die at St Luke’s, not at home or in Hospital. He knew what a good place it was and that was why he wanted to finish his life there. The minute he got admitted to the Hospice, you could see the relief on my Mum’s face, she could be his wife again not his carer. It’s funny because you would think a Hospice is a depressing place, but it really isn’t. It was a home from home, my Mum was able to have meals there and every single person at the Hospice was just brilliant.

“My Dad was an animal lover and had a lovely bond with my Labrador puppy Ronnie. Most people probably don’t realise but pets are allowed to visit the Hospice, so I took Ronnie in with me as he always brought a smile to Dad’s face. After Dad had passed away Ronnie jumped on his bed and lay next to him for half an hour.

“I am so grateful to St Luke’s for allowing us to have that special time with Dad. His last days were very dignified and that’s what he would have wanted. My Mum and I have treasured memories of his last days and we know that Dad will always live on in our hearts and minds – and that has helped us to cope.”

Just three months after Keith passed away, Lorna’s Mum Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer. Jennifer is currently undergoing treatment and responding well, supported by our Day Hospice and Family Support Unit which is providing counselling.