Barbara Ward from Northwich has been cared for by our Day Hospice for the last two years, and has also stayed on our Inpatient Unit twice for respite care.

Her husband David has also received vital support from Day Hospice in his role as Barbara’s carer.

David said: “It’s good to know that there is someone on the end of the phone that I can have a chat with if I need to. It’s very comforting. I’ve never been in this position and St Luke’s is like a stick that I can get hold of and support myself with a little bit.”

Barbara added: “David’s not a person who finds it easy to open up to others, but he has really taken the support from St Luke’s on board and I think he needs it more than me. It must be so difficult for him because I can’t do anything like cooking or cleaning and he’s taken all that on as well as looking after my needs. He needs the support really and he’s getting as much as he needs. He knows there’s somebody there who he can talk to and I think that’s a godsend for him.”

For more information about the support available for carers at St Luke’s please visit or call Day Hospice on 01606 555681