Billy Shelbourne from Winsford has been attending our Day Hospice for one day a week for the last six weeks. He says it has given him ‘relief, freedom and help’ in dealing with emphysema, heart problems and COPD.

Billy said: “First of all when I was asked to come to the hospice I said no – three times I said no. It’s the word ‘hospice’ that put me off. Then I seen my wife rushing round and I thought if I go there she can have a lovely day on her own, giving her that little bit of relaxation without worrying about me. So I tried it and now I literally can’t wait to come.

“You get relaxation, respect, the finest of care and to top that you get a lovely lunch. It’s done me so much good. It’s given me a new lease of what’s left of my life, and I know I haven’t got long.

“They are sincere these people, they look after you, they can’t do enough for you and it makes you feel dead easy. There is time each week to talk to a nurse which has helped me to cope and manage many of my symptoms. It has helped me and my wife to feel more in control.

“I’m meeting people with the same illness as me and I’m taking strength off them and hopefully they’re taking strength off me. I’ve met people now that I’m glad to call friends and that’s just in six weeks. I feel like I’m not on my own, I can relax and the help here is absolutely tremendous.”