On New Year’s Eve 2018 – when so many of us look forward to what the coming year will bring – Ann Harrison was given the devastating news that her cancer had returned.

The Grandma-of-seven from Winsford, who had undergone treatment for breast cancer in 2017 at the age of 55, said: “I just thought I had a bad chest infection but on New Year’s Eve I was told they had found three nodules in my lungs so they’ve said it is terminal and I’ve got one to three years.

“With it being New Year’s Eve there was nobody to speak to, I had just been told this awful news and there was no one to help. I was already having counselling at St Luke’s so on January 2nd I called my counsellor and she told me to come in to the Hospice which was a godsend because I just needed to talk to somebody.”

Ann has accessed a range of services through St Luke’s Day Hospice including our nurse-led complementary therapy clinics, Hypnotherapy sessions and most recently the Relaxation Plus Group.  She has also attended an eight week Fitstart programme and an Image and Wellbeing Workshop. Her husband and one of her sons is also having counselling.

“I’d be lost without St Luke’s. They not only helped me to relax, but being able to talk and share my worries has helped to reduce my stress. They have helped me to cope and carry on. I know it sounds silly that something like Reflexology would keep you going, but it does. The appointments have given me a focus and I look forward to them.

“I’m taking each day as it comes, but my Counsellor is getting me to push my mindset beyond three years and to think of the future. So we’ve booked a cruise for Christmas 2020 and this October half term we’ve booked a cottage break with our three sons and their families, which will be nice for them to remember.

“St Luke’s is supporting my whole family, I don’t know how we’d cope without them.”