Alarm bells started ringing for Carl ‘Sam’ Telfer when he returned from a holiday in October 2018 and realised he was losing weight. After blood tests and a scan, the 56-year-old from Crewe received the devastating news that he had Pancreatic Cancer, which had also spread to his liver.

“I was told that although it’s not curable, it’s treatable with chemotherapy and other things. Part of me thought ‘if this is it, then this is it’, but I decided to give chemo a try.”

Carl handled the chemotherapy well but, after a couple of sessions, ended up in hospital with the added complication of Diabetes. His Macmillan Nurse suggested St Luke’s to him and a few weeks later, after struggling with pain, he was admitted to our Inpatient Unit.

The dad-of-three, who used to coach youth teams at Crewe and Nantwich Rugby Club, said: “I knew as soon as I walked through the door that it was totally different to any other care I had seen. Nothing is too much trouble, it might as well be a 5 star hotel in Antigua because that’s the last place I went to that had this kind of service and it cost me a hell of a lot!

“Every half an hour people are asking if I need anything and nothing is too much trouble. It amazed me when I first got here to see a man taken outside in his bed so he could sit and enjoy a bottle of Guinness with his mate.

“When people found out I’m in a hospice they think it’s all doom and gloom. Now I know there is that side of it, but the aim was to get me strong enough to go back onto the chemotherapy, which St Luke’s has done. My wife can go home and not worry about me, and it’s like a home from home for me but with all the support I need.”

Sadly Carl passed away at the Hospice in July 2019.