Patients and their carers are currently unable to attend Day Hospice due to the current restrictions relating to Covid-19, However, our nurses and complementary therapists have developed a range of virtual services and support which can be accessed each week.

Following an assessment and triage, support is offered via Telephone Consultation Care or online through our Virtual Wellbeing Day  and Virtual Services hosted by our complementary therapists, including virtual tripudio and virtual relaxation sessions. Virtual online support sessions are also available for carers, including a weekly Virtual Carers’ Workshop and Virtual Carers’ Drop In.

These services are available to any patient and their carer, whether newly diagnosed, receiving treatment or living with a life limiting illness. This includes any patients who have had a diagnosis of cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s, MS, end stage heart or liver disease or COPD. This is not an exhaustive list and please enquire for more details.

If would like to access any of these online virtual services you can now call the Day Hospice number 01606 555681 and leave a message, a nurse will contact you to discuss further. We will ask for your consent to contact your GP for confirmation of your medical history.

We have a skilled team consisting of nurses and complementary therapists supported by social workers, benefits advisers, counsellors, befrienders and the Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy team.

We offer:

  • Supportive care following diagnosis – please click here for more information
  • Supportive care during treatments– click here for more info
  • Symptom and pain management due to disease progression– click here for more info
  • Advanced care planning and end of life care planning – click here for more info
  • Palliative care when an illness is no longer curable – click here for more info
  • Carer support – click here for more info

How will I be triaged?

Once we receive an enquiry from yourself or a referral from a health care professional involved in your care, a qualified nurse from the Day Hospice Services team will contact you by telephone.

This will be so that we can assess you and allocate you to the most appropriate service for your current needs.

This phone call may typically last approximately 15 to 30 minutes. If you wish, a relative can be with you or speak on the phone on your behalf, however, we would need consent from yourself first.