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01/04/2022 - 31/10/2022 All Day

Stay in with Gin. Our latest fundraiser and a twist on hosting a coffee morning.

Would you like to spice up your team building meeting? Fancy an afternoon in the garden or an evening at home with some friends?

Stay in with Gin is the perfect opportunity to get some friends together and raise important funds for the Hospice at the same time!

Create a fantastic night or day in with friends drinking gin and choose how you’d like to fundraise for the Hospice.

Registration is £35 and you will receive a full sized bottle of limited edition AT30 gin (RRP £35) a starter pack of unusual tonics/mixers, popcorn or marshmallows and a sealed gin quiz to entertain your guests. Planning on lots of guests? Register for a second pack!

  • Charge per head or ask for donations using your imagination on how to generate funds for St Luke’s from your £35 registration.
  • Perhaps you can bake a fab gin and lemon drizzle cake to accompany the gin.
  • Maybe you could create a huge bowl of pasta or a favourite one pot dish to share with your guests.
  • Serve cheese and biscuits…….there are lots of gin infused cheeses around now!
  • Keep it simple and just add more popcorn or nibbles.
  • Ask guests to bring along their favourite snacks to share.
  • Serve AT30 gin to guests on arrival but ask each of them to bring along their own favourite gin and to offer a sample tipple to the other guests allowing you to try lots of different gins.

The best bit of all is, that having raised funds from your night in, you can ‘deduct £35 registration from your total raised  and send us the profit. It’s a win win.

Just as an example if you raise £75 from ticket sales or donations…..deduct your £35 ……send us £40.

Any questions or wanting more ideas of how to generate funds from your Stay in with Gin fundraiser, then call Jane on 01606 555688 or email us.