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01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020 All Day

New decade – new Challenge – New You?

Do you start every New Year with the best of intentions – but find you lose your way when it comes to exercising and keeping fit? Sign up for this Virtual Challenge and you’ll have a great challenge to keep you going throughout 2020 -all whilst raising money for St Luke’s Hospice!

You are signing up to complete a MILLION METRES over the calendar year. This can be through running, walking, rowing, cycling or using a X-trainer. You can complete it in a single discipline or as a medley of activities.

Cardio not for you? Then you can still take part if you think you can lift a MILLION KILOGRAMS over the year! Bench press/Squat or a Medley of weight lifting exercises!

How does it work? Once registered you’ll receive an info pack but briefly you’ll be invited to a private Facebook Group. Every time you go for a run/row/cycle etc. (or lift some weights) you drop a short message via the FB Messenger App into the St Luke’s Event team – and we do the rest! We update a very clever spreadsheet that keeps track of your distance travelled, distance remaining, ranking on progress – and we can even make a note of your best times so you have something to look back on come December 2020!

You’ll receive the progress Spreadsheet once a week along with some suitably inspiring quotes to keep you going when you really, REALLY don’t feel like carrying on! You’ll be part of a big support group that celebrates each others’ success and you can post as many pictures/stories as you like on the Page showing how you are progressing.

Don’t think it is easy though! A million may not sound a lot these days but you’ll soon realise it is!

Contact Mark on 01606 555832 or e-mail him here for further details