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01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020 All Day

Trying to find something to do whilst self-isolating or social distancing?

Gym closed and/or fitness classes cancelled?

Missing your Park runs?

Want to help your local hospice through this difficult time but not sure how?

Sign up for the Millionaires Challenge! It’s a Virtual Challenge that you can do in isolation – it will get you out from in front of the TV, improve your fitness, improve your mental health and doesn’t risk your, or anybody else’s, physical health.

“All” we ask you to do is travel (under your own steam – walking, running, cycling, rowing) ONE MILLION METRES before 31st December 2020!

We have a small (but dedicated!) group who started this Challenge on the 1st Jan and a private FB group where we all support each other and compare notes/training sessions etc. We’d love you to join us (but maybe not overtake our efforts too quickly!! LOL!)

The other thing we are offering (when you’re not pounding the pavements!) is lots of ideas on how to fund-raise from the comfort of your own isolation room!

You are signing up to complete a MILLION METRES before 23:59 on 31st December. This can be through running, walking, rowing, cycling or using a X-trainer. You can complete it in a single discipline or as a medley of activities.

Cardio not for you? Then you can still take part if you think you can lift a MILLION KILOGRAMS over the year! Bench press/Squat or a Medley of weight lifting exercises!

How does it work? Once registered you’ll receive an info pack but briefly you’ll be invited to a private Facebook Group. Every time you go for a run/row/cycle etc. (or lift some weights) you drop a short message via the FB Messenger App into the St Luke’s Event team – and we do the rest! We update a very clever spreadsheet that keeps track of your distance travelled, distance remaining, ranking on progress – and we can even make a note of your best times so you have something to look back on come December 2020!

You’ll receive the progress Spreadsheet once a week along with some suitably inspiring quotes to keep you going when you really, REALLY don’t feel like carrying on! You’ll be part of a big support group that celebrates each others’ success and you can post as many pictures/stories as you like on the Page showing how you are progressing.

Don’t think it is easy though! A million may not sound a lot these days but you’ll soon realise it is!

Contact Mark by e-mailing him here for further details