Illness and a change in health can raise many questions about future needs, support, care available, financial affairs and end of life decisions.

The earlier you start these conversations, the more time your family will have to ask questions, be involved and help you make decisions. You may wish to make a will if you haven’t already, sort out your financial affairs, discuss your wishes about dying (whether your preferences are to die at home, in hospital or the Hospice) and plan your funeral.

We are a skilled team who can offer a listening ear and are able to help you to have open discussions about these subjects, which are often emotional and uncomfortable to have with loved ones.

Day Hospice Services offer face to face meetings in a safe and comfortable environment and time to talk openly about your wishes for the future. We can help you share your wishes with family, to document your wishes and share these decisions with other appropriate health care teams that are or will be involved in your care in the future.

We can also offer Telephone Care discussions if you are unable to come to the Hospice or prefer not to attend the Hospice.

Please click on the links above for more information on the different services we offer. Alternatively you can call the Day Hospice Services team Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm, on 01606 555681.