At St Luke’s Hospice, our ethos is one of service; being of service to our local people and community is central to all that we do.  We believe the most important privilege any person can have is the opportunity to comfort and support one’s fellow human beings in their hour of need. This spirit of service at St Luke’s extends not only to the patients, but also to family and friends, and is not restricted by income, class, creed or gender.

Our strength as an organisation comes from the fact that all parts of the Hospice work together to maintain this ethos – administrative and domestic staff, volunteers, trustees and all those involved in caring for the patients and their families.  The result is that the whole ‘business’ brings an enthusiasm into the work of the Hospice, motivated by this attitude of service to people at difficult times in their lives.  We all share in the sense of privilege and honour that comes from being involved in an organisation doing such important work.  It inspires us, day after day, to look for new and innovative ways to make a difference to the wider community.

Each member of staff is highly valued at St Luke’s, and a network exists to comfort, support and inspire them, both within their individual teams and in the wider organisation.

The founding members of St Luke’s Hospice were driven by the same ideals that inspire us today; to reach out a warm and caring hand to those in need and to help relieve their suffering of mind, spirit or body. The founder of the Hospice movement, the late Dame Cicely Saunders, wanted hospices to remain a “beacon of hope with a message of care and community”.  St Luke’s is a lively and vibrant Hospice that has a very powerful reason to be here.

Our vision

Through example, education and innovation, St Luke’s aims to be an inspirational thought leader and catalyst for the delivery of excellence in supportive, palliative and end of life care. By extending the reach of the hospice movement to the wider local and national communities, creating a network of end of life care professionals and partnerships ensuring financial resources are generated to sustain the Hospice for the future, St Luke’s aims to ensure that dignified and compassionate end of life care is available to everyone.

Our mission

St Luke’s provides and facilitates the provision of outstanding supportive, palliative and end of life care to individuals, those close to them and to communities. The Hospice is part of the social movement to normalise loss and grief, supporting a healthy response to the human life cycle. Working with our partners to deliver excellent, compassionate and sustainable care and support as people face the challenges of life threatening and progressive illness is at the heart of our work.

Our values

Value the individual – We recognise that people are our greatest asset. We treat those we care for, volunteers and colleagues with respect, dignity & compassion.

Embrace Change – We promote a culture where innovation and new ideas are encouraged, whilst valuing our heritage and past.

One Team – We work together collaboratively, we share ideas and we support each other to ensure that we achieve our common goals, both within the hospice and within our wider community.

Strive for Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything that we do and we celebrate our successes.