St Luke’s is a charity mainly funded by the community we serve, all our services are provided for free.

We receive limited support from the government which means that the vast majority of our running costs need to be raised through donations and fundraising. In fact, 84% of our care is funded by donations, fundraising, our Lottery and charity shops.

We rely on generous supporters, whether they’re local organisations and businesses, individual fundraisers and groups of people who organise events for us, or all the thousands of people who take part in our own fundraising events.


How we use donations

For every £1 receive in donations, 85p is spent providing a wide variety of care, and the remaining 15p will help us to raise another pound.  

If you give money to the Hospice and you pay income tax, then you can increase the value of your donation by 25% at no additional cost to you or the hospice, simply by signing a Gift Aid form. So, for example, if you donate £20 that becomes £25 for the Hospice!

Your gift today helps us provide care tomorrow. Any support you can give will make a difference.