St Luke’s is the local hospice for people living in mid and south Cheshire, supporting a community of around 280,000 people

Since our doors opened in 1988 we have always sought to evolve, ensuring that we adapt to the changing needs of our community. While we continue to support people at the end of their life with personalised 1:1 care, we also support them from the moment they are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness such as cancer or respiratory disease.

Quality of life is at the forefront of everything we do; we understand that treatment is not always an option, but bringing life to days is. Over the years our services have expanded to provide the support our community need:

  • We support carers with peer support and time out away from their 24 hour caring role
  • We support families as they learn to live with the loss of their loved one, and to children who have faced loss too early in their young lives
  • We support those living in social isolation within our locality, and we are now exploring ways in which we can support the homeless

St Luke’s is a charity and all our services are free. We receive limited support from the government which means 84% of our running costs need to raised through donations and fundraising, and with an overstretched NHS, our services are more important than ever.

For every £1 we receive in donations 85p is spent providing this wide spectrum of care, and the remaining 15p will help us to raise another pound. This year we need to raise £3million, any support you give will make a difference.

I hope we can count on you today.