One of St Luke’s lucky supporters is driving away in a brand new car after scooping the top prize in the Hospice’s Summer Superdraw.

Julie Pugh from Weaverham bought the winning raffle ticket for just £1 in the draw which is kindly supported by Cliff Dickenson & Son Ford dealership in Winsford.

The 59-year-old former midwife, who now works for a pharmaceutical firm, said: “When I got the phone call from the Hospice it never crossed my mind that it was because I had won, I just couldn’t believe it! I literally came off the phone and sobbed because I have a personal connection with St Luke’s and I’m so proud to support it. My sister was really well looked after by the Hospice. She didn’t die there, she died at home, but she had lots of ongoing support and I also had counselling at the Hospice after she passed away.

“I know that Hospices don’t get a lot of Government funding and have to generate their own income so I think it’s really important to support St Luke’s. I’ve won a cash prize before, so now my friends are all asking me for Lottery numbers as they’re hoping some of my luck rubs off on them. You can’t win it if you’re not in it, so I buy a couple of books of raffle tickets each time and I’ve done it for five or six years and won a cash prize and now the car, so I think it’s well worth taking part in the raffle. The difference it makes to other people’s lives at St Luke’s Hospice is huge, so that small investment isn’t too much to ask.”

Cliff Dickenson & Son is one of St Luke’s most dedicated long-term business supporters. This year they once again donated a brand new 69 plate Ford Ka+ 1.2 Zetec 5 door as the top prize in the Hospice’s Summer Superdraw.

Chris Winward, Managing Director of Cliff Dickenson & Son, said: “We are proud to support St Luke’s Hospice. This year’s fundraising from the raffle has exceeded £40,000 which is a fantastic achievement and will be very helpful I’m sure for the Hospice and all the families they take care of.”

Claire Langston, director of Income Generation at St Luke’s, said: “Congratulations to Julie and thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket. Over the years, superdraws like this one have helped to raise thousands of pounds of vital income for St Luke’s and have created many local prize winners too! We are incredibly grateful for the continued support and generosity of Cliff Dickenson & Son.”

Raffle tickets are now on sale for St Luke’s Snowman Superdraw with the top prize of £2,500. Tickets cost just £1 and can be purchased online at