Would your place of work be willing to support St Luke’s by signing up to our Lottery? It really is the easiest way to help fund patient care here at the Hospice and costs just £1 a week per player.

Several local businesses choose to support St Luke’s in this way, including Crystal Legal Services based in Crewe. New members of staff are encouraged to join the Lottery and £4.34 a month is then deducted from their wages and transferred to the Hospice via the company’s payroll.

Tony Shields, CEO of Crystal, said: “We recognise the value in working with a local charity as a means to give something back to the community. The vast majority of our staff play the Lottery each week, and we know that these small contributions help the Hospice plan for the future.”

If your business or place of work would like to find out more about supporting the Lottery then please give our Lottery team a call on 01606 553553 or email lottery@slhospice.co.uk

Together our Lottery players fund one week of care on our Inpatient Unit every month and have raised more than £11 million since the Lottery launched 25 years ago. There really is strength in numbers.