With just over six weeks to go until the Grand Finale at Crewe Hall, our Strictly Learn to Dance competitors are working hard to master their moves. In this week’s blog, IT consultant Graham Fisher tells us his reasons for taking part and how training for his Cha-cha-cha is going…..


Sometimes opportunities arise that are just so amazing – that even though you’ve little experience, no natural skill and are a long way from the ‘comfort zone’ – they are too good to turn down; so, I said yes to taking part in St Luke’s Strictly Learn to Dance competition. Eek!

I’ve been partnered with Kat, an accomplished competition dancer whom is light on her feet, smooth with her moves, patient and witty – what a combination! We’ll be dancing the Cha-cha-chá, which involves moving feet, hips and arms all at the same time! Oh my!! And to music!!! Fortunately, Kat can blend gentle encouragement with clear and concise feedback, so there may be hope for me!

There is also the wider team – Dancebespoke who as well as creating the choreography are trying really hard to teach us the moves, St Luke’s as organisers and many others that have been helping out during our training – all are amazing.

Our first four weeks of training have flown past and 24th March is fast approaching, but we’re all committed to giving it 100%.

Whilst I can honestly say that it is amazing and fun, and just might be a bit scary on the day, the motivation is to raise awareness and money for St Luke’s and the amazing work they have done, and with our donations will continue to. There is a just giving page that makes it super easy to donate straight to St Luke’s.

Thank you.