Get the latest from the training room with our Strictly Learn to Dance weekly blog.

This week it’s the turn of Maria Vickers to tell us how training for her Rumba is going ahead of the competition’s grand finale at Crewe Hall on Saturday 24th March.

Maria is partnered with her boyfriend, Tim Clarke…


Hi everyone, just completed the second week of training and our Rumba is coming on nicely. We have just got to grips with the routine and now have to “flourish” it with some sexy moves LOL!! This week Adam showed me some of these moves but I just ended up laughing. Having a great time learning the group dance too. Everyone is giving their all in training with a determination to put on a good show in March at Crewe Hall.

When the opportunity came up for Tim and myself to take part in the St Luke’s Strictly Learn to Dance competition, we did not hesitate to be up for the challenge especially as Tim has previously won it in 2013 with Rachel Kibblewhite (another of this year’s competitors)…. So no pressure then for me!!

My hips and knees are starting to ache a bit because of the demands of our dance but Tim and I are determined to give our all for both St Luke’s and the very kind people who have and are sponsoring us.

We are committed to raising as much money as is possible in the knowledge of how much St Luke’s needs to maintain its excellent care, as well as having fun in the process. Any donations are much appreciated