With Christmas soon upon us, here at St Luke’s our attention is already turning to one of our biggest sources of income – our Christmas Tree Collection Service. 

Our last tree collection raised £25,000 for the hospice and other small local charities and we would really like to grow it further again this year.

To tell people about the service, we have had a huge number of leaflets printed courtesy of Melody Corporation Marquees who have paid for the production; our collection service is available to people in all ‘CW’ postcodes.

How you can help us

We now need help in distributing our leaflets throughout December. Would you be willing to deliver in your road/estate or village? Or do you already deliver a local publication and could consider popping a leaflet through the door at the same time? Or is there a Christmas tree stockist nearby?

If you can help or would like more information, please complete the short form below or call Jane Thompson on 01606 555688.

Thank you for your interest, this has the potential to be an enormous fundraiser if we can get the word out there.