When I signed up to take part in the Midnight Walk this year one of the first things I thought about was all my friends who would be walking beside me as I took on the 13 mile challenge, and that got me thinking about friendship.

Childhood friends, school friends, work friends, best friends. Friendships come in all shapes and sizes: serious ones, silly ones, forever ones. Each one offers something totally unique and irreplaceable, inspiring us to see the world in a new light. And each friendship ultimately makes us who we are.

The Midnight Walk is such an inspiring fundraising event which has friendship at its heart. Hundreds of women will walk alongside each other; old friends sharing memories like me and my colleagues, new friends making new memories, and each one of us is raising money for the care of local people.

Each year my colleagues and I care for so many local people as they face the challenges of cancer and other life threatening illnesses. We care with compassion and respect, bringing life and comfort to their days, and helping them to live well.

Please walk next to me this July at the Midnight Walk; side by side, you and your friends can become a great friend to St Luke’s and raise money for the people we care for.

Thank you, Clare x

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