Willis Bros of Sandbach offered a huge helping hand to the St Luke’s Midnight Walk earlier this month when they agreed to implement a road closure free of charge – meaning that the 1100 female walkers could treads the road more safely.

Head of Events at St Luke’s, Jane Thompson, was even more thrilled when Willis Bros boss Steve Willis offered his company’s services for free, a gift in kind which meant a saving of around £3,000 for the Hospice. However, the workers then took the unprecedented step of handing back their wages to St Luke’s as a donation, amounting to an incredible £1,200.

“We are so grateful for this generosity”, said Jane Thompson. “The team made sure that our ladies felt safe on their walk and to receive a donation as well is just wonderful. A big thank you from all at St Luke’s and the Midnight Walkers!”

The Neon Midnight Walk, held on the 2nd July, raised an estimated £150,000 for the Hospice.