Oliver’s Mission and St Luke’s were a hot topic on freeview news channel ‘That’s Manchester’ yesterday evening.

After sadly losing his Grandad to cancer last year, eight year old Oliver set about fundraising for St Luke’s, saying to his dad, “I thought that if I help them, then this might make you happy, I don’t like seeing you sad, I want you to be happy again daddy”.

Oliver started off by aiming to raise £10 – a lot of money to an eight year old! But now he is determined to reach an incredible £1000 target to help St Luke’s.

Oliver has currently raised £698.84 which is fantastic and his hard work will continue this Sunday at the upcoming Manchester Storm ice hockey game at Altrincham ice rink. Keen speed skater  Oliver and his dad will be attending the game and collecting money for St Luke’s.

You can read more about Oliver’s Mission and donate at http://bit.ly/1WX5PtG

St Luke’s needs to raise £8,600 a day to provide vital care and support to patients in mid and south Cheshire.