Can you help to change and influence the way end of life services are provided to support our local communities?

Instead of professionals deciding what we THINK is needed we would love to base this on your experiences; good, bad or indifferent. We are supporting our colleagues at the End Of Life Partnership to complete a Needs Based Assessment across East and Central Cheshire.

We understand this is a sad and difficult time and that it may be too painful for some people to answer questions but if you feel able to you will be helping to shape the support that is offered to families and carers in the future.

We are seeking views from relatives or friends of those who have recently died, about their experiences at the end of life

This project provides relatives and friends who have been recently bereaved with the opportunity to share their experiences about what worked well, what didn’t and what else may have helped? This information is being shared with local end of life care providers, including acute care, community care and hospices as well as influencing the local commissioning processes. All of the information we receive will be used to help us to plan and provide better end of life care for other local people in the future.

People can become involved in a number of ways:

Complete a survey directly at
Complete a questionnaire, which is either posted or emailed or take part in an interview in person or over the phone.  We can be contacted to arrange this or answer any questions on 01270 758122 or email

All information shared will be treated respectfully and confidentially and any identifiable details will be removed from final reports. The survey on the survey monkey link can be completed anonymously if preferred.