Join us on Saturday night (12 October) to support our 50 brave fire-walkers who are raising funds for us.

They will be walking barefoot over 15 foot of burning coals which will reach a temperature of over 800 degrees to raise funds for the hospice.  You can cheer them on whilst enjoying a drink, as we have a licensed wine and beer bar ,and will be cooking up burgers on the barbecue.  We will also have an old fashioned sweetshop.

Come along to the car park area of LA Fitness on Leicester Street in Northwich (opposite the Aldi supermarket.)  The flaming paths will be lit around 6.00 pm and the walkers will begin their brave walk from 7.30 pm.  You never know…you may be inspired to sign up for the Spring event where we will also be including a glass walk (ouch!)