Dave Southern is a site manager at Over St Johns School (which also supports the Hospice by fundraising for us).

When St Luke’s originally decided to launch its weekly Hospice lottery, a canvasser in Dave’s road talked him through the idea of the lottery. By joining, players are able to donate regularly to the Hospice, whilst having a good chance of winning a cash prize of up to £1,500 every week.

Dave’s mother came to St Luke’s for respite care. This was of tremendous help to his mother as the Hospice was able to control her pain. David and his wife Denise were also able to recharge their batteries and have a break, knowing that his mother was being very well looked after.

“I was so pleasantly surprised when I came to the Hospice, even though I live in Winsford I didn’t realise the extent of their care. The very last thing you think about when you visit St Luke’s is death.”

In 1994, the first St Luke’s Hospice lottery draw took place on Friday 1 July. Dave joined the lottery at the very beginning and has supported St Luke’s lottery ever since.

“I have every admiration for the St Luke’s staff. They do an amazing job, we are so lucky to have such a local facility.”

The 19 prizes won by Dave have ranged between £5 and £1,500 (the main prize each week). Dave chooses to have a door to door £5 collection with our collector Mike.

“He comes out in all weathers; he is really a nice guy. He always has time to chat and is thankful for our contribution. When we won the big prize we gave Mike a little gift to show our appreciation.”

The involvement with St Luke’s doesn’t stop at the lottery. Dave and his family are regular visitors to Delamere Street Interiors shop in Winsford and Denise loves to shop in our Indulgence Dress Agency.

Dave has recently had his kitchen refitted and is proud of his lovely new dining set bought from St Luke’s Interiors Our Hospice lottery is still ‘The Local Lottery for Local people’.

Thank you to all the lottery members for your brilliant support in our 25th year. Since the lottery started, it has raised over £7 million towards patient care.

If you are interested in the Lottery, please call 01606 553553 or email us on lottery@stlukes-hospice.co.uk

You can join and renew online